The Chairman of Imo state traditional rulers council, Eze Imo, Samuel Ohiri, yesterday, said that it is not possible for Imo state, to have two governors at a time.

Ohiri, spoke alongside other traditional rulers from the three geo-political zones in the state, at his palace in Owerri, while reacting to the political clashes between the supporters of the current governor of the state, Emeka Ihedioha and his immediate predecessor, Rochas Okorocha.

In his view he stated  that Okorocha should not disturb the present government being led by Ihedioha, and it was time for Okorocha to play by the rules.

Ohiri, among other things said he was shocked to see that upto N10 billion, was used in the building of the police station and prison by the Okorocha’s government, a time, pensioners have not been paid their pension.

Eze Imo said: “We have seen the amount of money running into N10 billion, said to have been used to build a Police station by the Okorocha’s government for the federal government and also the billions of naira used to build the prison for the federal government.

“For God sake we have this kind of money in this state, and pensioners are dying and somebody is saying that he is building all these for the federal government to come and take over.

“Look at the hospitals the Okorocha’s government built and was given out to federal government all this money is in this state and we are looking for money to pay salaries and pensioners.

“In fact, I want to tell the federal government that Imo state, does not have such money to give out we need those things back to our state. We have a lot challenges we can use these monies to solve.

“We expected that since the Okorocha’s government was APC, the federal government should have been the one bringing in those projects in the state ruled by APC.”

He continued: “First of all, we looked at the happenings in the state and we think is not proper for the current government to be distracted. There was an election and Imo people came out and elected Emeka Ihedioha.”

“There can never be two governors in the state and nobody should disturb him, adding that  “We know that in the past the recovery of government properties did not start today. It started with Senator Rochas Okorocha, he set up that committee and headed by placid Ekwueme. It was Rochas that constituted them.

“This idea that some people leave office and they go out with government properties is not acceptable. Also, Emeka Ihedioha, should be qauided by what they do because tomorrow they will leave office and that they will face the same thing. We appeal to Senator Rochas Okorocha to play by the rules. You are now a sitting Senator.”


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