Another constitutional lawyer, Chukwueke Caroline Esomchi said: “Buhari has also failed to deliver on his second promise to tackle the country’s economic woes.

Unemployment has risen dramatically from 8.2 percent to 23.1 percent since he took office. In Lagos, Nigeria’s economic hub, it’s virtually impossible to find anyone who has a word of praise for Buhari’s economic policies.

To be fair, Buhari did inherit a state treasury plundered by kleptocrats and an oil-dependent economy at a time when global prices of crude oil were plunging. His election pledge to diversify the economy and strengthen local production was a step in the right direction. But his policies have failed.

The import ban on tomato paste, for example, didn’t result in a boom in local tomato production, but rather in a Nigerian tomato paste with hardly any tomatoes in it. Economists and business people look annoyed, or even shocked, when Buhari pats himself on the back yet again for his reforms”.


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