Umahi, South-East Chairman of Governors’ Forum under heavy attack by suspected illegal Policemen in Abuja.

Recall that the South-East Governors in their communique on 31/08/2019 denied ever being part of Operation Python Dance in the South-East and banned movement of killer herdsmen who are mostly foreigners from coming to the South-East with their cattle by foot.

Joint Operations was also recommended to flushing out killer herdsmen from the South-East various forests. The communique also directed security men to arrest any herdsman in the South-East caught with AK47 guns and cutlass.
Recall that the South-East Governors and Ndigbo leaders have been under heavy attack and threat by Ndigbo youths and her people over the killings, kidnapping and raping in the South-East by herdsmen, most of whom are suspected to be foreign herdsmen.

The communique may not have gone well with some people as Policemen were dispatched to Governor Umahi’s house in Abuja on 2/09/2019 at 6:30 am to search and likely drop guns and money to silence the voice of the Chairman of the South-East Governors’ Forum and Ndigbo. It was gathered that more attacks and embarrassment would be meted out to Governor Umahi, other Governors of the zone and some leaders of Ndigbo.

The Policemen who came from FCT-CID command broke through the doors of his house after scaling through the fence to the house, put off the light to stop and avoid CCTV camera’s functionality, went further and turned the whole house upside down. Also in their company were some pressmen.

The occupants of the house and Policemen on duty were harassed and some laid on the floor while the operation lasted.
However, it took the intervention of the IGP, CP FCT and COS to Mr President who were not aware or authorized the raid before the Policemen were withdrawn, although they had completed their illegal search and harassment.

When the youths of the South-East and IPOB issued death sentences on Governors of the South-East and her leaders for killings in the South-East no one defended them.
Their communique is not harmful, let us not burn this country down, power belongs to God.



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