…Chieftain appeals to Abe to allow peace in the party *Blames the NWC of the party of the excesses and profligacy of Abe

Senator Magnus Abe’s recent negative reaction to the call for fresh congresses to reposition the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State coupled with his boys negative articles and statements in the Social Media aimed at maligning the person and personality of the Minister has been described as both unfortunate, sad and heartbreaking.

A chieftain of the APC in the South-South region of the country, Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze, in a statement issued and circulated in Port Harcourt on Tuesday, also noted that Senator Abe’s reaction was an indicator to his intents for the party, even as it further showed that those who were afraid of the party’s clout and sponsors of Senator Abe’s alleged anti-party activities before, during and after last general elections, are still at work.

It would be recalled that the acclaimed leader of the APC in the South-South region and Minister of Transportation, Dr Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, had recently called for fresh congresses to reposition and prepare the party in Rivers State for future challenges. Senator Abe had reportedly maintained an antagonistic position to the call.

However, Eze, in his statement, expressed shock at the position of the former senator, wondering why a man who ought to have been remorseful and working through all channels to redeem himself, working with Amaechi and other leaders of the party, to remedy the damages his actions, in collaboration with internal and external adversaries of the party, had inflicted on the party, is still unrepentant and fighting to wreck the party structures further. This is very unfortunate, shameful and unacceptable.

“After Abe and his cohorts collaborated with both external and internal forces to see to it that the APC did not field candidates for the 2019 general elections, and instead of being apologetic, he is still maintaining that APC should not exist in Rivers State by rejecting the conduct of congresses in the State.

“For Abe to claim not to understand a simple directive by the APC Leader to APC members, to go and prepare for congresses, simply demonstrates that Abe has other plans up his sleeves. The Minister never meant he has usurped the functions of the National Working Committee of the party, whose responsibility it is to organise congresses, but to prepare members to be ready whenever the national leadership of the party decides to organise the congresses

“This act by Abe shows that those sponsoring him are desperate to ensure that APC doesn’t exist in Rivers State just to execute their impossible 2023 plots and ensure that Rivers State only operates a one political system”, he said.

Eze urges the former Senator to prepare for the Congresses if his claims of being very popular among our people is anything to go by but he is aware that his popularity only exists within Television Houses and birthday events as most of the people supporting him hitherto have all gone back to PDP where they worked for only left with handful of attention seekers.

He, however, blamed the National Working Committee of the party for not calling Abe to order after seeing all harms that he singldhandely wrecked to disgrace the party in the state, adding that to permit him to cause further havoc on the party will be most unfortunate and unacceptable.

In this regard, he appealed to the NWC of the party to, as a matter of urgency, set up a committee to organise congresses in the State, saying “we can’t continue to operate without a party structure in the State and to Abe, I plead with him to reconsider his plots and and shame our detractors who never meant any good for Rivers State and her progress”.

Eze counseled and further pleaded with Abe and his misguided cohorts and sponsors to assist and collaborate with the main stream of APC to sustain peace in the State nothing that they will not have their way this time around as the party is ready to ensure that the APC structure in Rivers State is not only put in place but repositioned to reclaim its rightful place in the politics of Nigeria. Besides they should note that no one member or group within the party can stop the conduct of a Congress approved by the National Executive Council (NEC), on the request of a State chapter no matter the odds. They succeeded last time but this time around every machinery have been put in place to tackle them accordingly.

He aligned with the Leader of APC in South-South to urge members of the party to gear up and prepare for a peaceful Congresses accordingly.



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