The Proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB,  in their interactions yesterday,  addressed Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the IPOB group world wide as not just a Hero,  but acts like a god sent for the sake of the igbos.

These men speaking recalled when Nnamdi Kanu was declared wanted, and was looked for to be arrested in his hometown in Umuahia,  says,

“how he knew about the call for his arrest,  we do not know,  we only learnt that he flee, and was no where to be found,  it’s a sign of spirituality”

Still speaking, these men said, “Nnamdu Kanu alone is a big treat for the Zoo Nigeria,  the Zoo has no peace and our leader have vowed to give them no peace,  expose them until Biafra our father land is set free”

“Nnamdi Kanu is a peaceful protester and have been seen by the world,  world leaders are amazed at his intelligence,  Boldness, truth and discovery ability”

“Regarding this recent event that took place in Japan,  it was a shock to the leaders of the world of how an ordinary civilian could declare the leader of a huge country like Nigeria Wanted for arrest and he was nowhere to be found in Japan”

“Nnamdi Kanu did not rest,  he went ahead exposing the truths of how so called Femi Adesina, the media aid of the Jubril Buhari was claiming that Buhari is in Japan by his photoshop. He want the world to know that Buhari is dead and that is exactly what he is doing”

“Biafra is near and what Nnamdi Kani is doing has opened the eyes of the world over the truth,  that is why when the Zoo strikes in their own ways Nnamdi Kanu is always secured wherever he goes”

Kanu is a supreme being and a big treat to Zoo Nigeria, They said.



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