Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom, has taken a major step in his quest to ensure massive transformation in agricultural production in the state.

This the governor is set to achieve with the acquisition of 50 units of state-of-the-art tractors for onward distribution to farmers.

By a directive of the governor, technical staff of the Ministry of Agriculture in the state today commenced fittings and preparatory installations on the tractors to make them ready for use.

According to one of the staff, the tractors are among the most modern of brands in the global market and specifically chosen to suit the demands of agricultural practice in the state.

He averred that by a comparative impact assessment analysis made, this particular brand has been adjudged to be highly successful in the countries where it has so far been put to use, including in Asia and parts of Europe.

Gov. Ortom who, prior to becoming governor, was a successful farmer, and remains so to date, has made the transformation of agriculture in the state a focal point of his administration.

His recent choice of Timothy A Ijir Phd as the Commissioner of Agriculture and Natural Resources in the newly inaugurated Executive Cabinet of his administration is widely seen as a deliberate step aimed at the uplifting of standards of agricultural practice in the state to modern levels.

Dr. Ijir is an internationally renown mechanized agriculture expert with a track-record of successful practice in the United States of America and Europe.

It is believed that the tractors, when distributed to farmers, will bring massive transformational impact on the agricultural production levels in the state.

Bemgba Iortyom, witnessed the preparatory event first-hand at People’s House, Makurdi.


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