An earlier Version of this Content was Rated False by Dubawa in their LINK

Did Nigeria Hit the 100 Billion Mark in COVID-19 Donations?

the Version of the Story Falsely stated that Nigeria has lost over N700Billion COVID-19 Fund due to Fire Outbreak.

We have now realized that No such Fund was lost and we are taken this step to apologize to our teeming Readers.


Signed: Management.


  1. This woman we thought will be faithful can you hear her telling big lies joining the multitude to do evil God will surely punish all of you stealing our money

  2. What are they teacing? Will that bring back the “burnt” funds..This is so ridiculous and fraudulent..Some people needs to be sacked and thoroughly investigated..Haaaaa Fear God..At this trying/difficult time?

  3. Only God can judge in this country with what is happening now people can still lie may God judge seriously what a country

  4. Can u imagine… What does documents has to do with #700billion… Same old tricks… Nigerians are far sensible that this childish excuse given by this woman… I’m sure that speech was written for her cos I smell fish all over her

  5. The saboteurs of this government are really determined to cripple this country down.So,God is there and also sleepless.

  6. No o, this is unacceptable, Nigerians need to come together and rise against this foolishness ,if its true , she said this …are we just mumu in d eyes of these idiotic elites …

  7. Even mothers in Nigeria leadership positions are part of this evil conspiracy .
    I wonder how a woman who breastfeed a child should be a part of the child’s future. problem
    I salute you Mrs Zenab.
    After all, Doziani did her own nothing happen

  8. So the money was not in the bank and the while and no financial forensic investigators again to account for it, shame shame shame lies lies lies!!!!

  9. This Nigeria leadership na wa, see their lazy way of lying, they know they always have their way, they wont try their devilish fraudulent act in another country. They will never know peace, all this money they are stealing wont save dem when nature calls. They wont take 1naira to the grave, worst still they meet judgment afterward, I pity their fate. Cooperate thieves!!! Even worst than Yahoo boys

  10. God punish you all the foolish politicians who thinks they are more wiser than the whole country you guys will suffer till death.thiefs without shame Nigeria politicians disgust me chaaiii,infact the rooth of God will decend on you people soon tufiaqua.

  11. This same fire outbreak will kill all of you that’s involved in this,…why are you politicians so greedy, common to give the less previlaged some money to start up little business. You scammed us of our National right do you think 700billion is 700thousand or 700million naira…i wish i can get to you people and make all of you pay for all that you have made this country go through for some period of time. My God will punish all you for this.i know the truth about that fire outbreak and i will expose you all soon you will surely go to jail for this or even die soon fools.i will review myself to you fools when the time comes basters.

  12. Stop spreading lies and deceit. This is fake news. Have you got any references to the press conference? Why isn’t any mainstream media reporting it? Nnaa… Jiri nwayọọ

  13. One of our leaders speech.
    When we start in the first republic under the leadership of sir Abubakar tafawa balewa anywhere Nigerian’s went they held there head height they were respected they were admired to day as result out we all hold our heads down in shame we are afraid to hold our heads up

  14. I hope this is not fake news claimed to have come from the hon minister.if the documents were burnt down simple and logical ask those who made the distribution to re submit another distribution list as long as it’s not the actual donations that were burnt only the list

  15. Only South East and South West’s money? So they can go and die of Covid-19 if it descends on them. If you know this, do you know he other? Has God spoken? All I have is questions.

  16. They are crazy something is really wrong with this black people called Nigerian. Can you imagine this kind of barbaric lie. Where did you see or get 700 billion collected in one place. Haba haba haba. The fire of hell will start burning some people right from this world. YA ALLAH SWT save us from this kind of carnivorous heartless human beings.

  17. E no go beta for all of una wey steal this our moni and come burn house join. Thunder go fire-fire una to ashes in Jesus Name.
    Say Amen!

  18. Lie lie! There’s no such briefing from the minister. I’m not surprise, it’s IGBOWATCH and we know why you are doing that assh*les!

  19. Stupid bloggers. The real truth is out and you still keep this news for your lost viewers to fuel their anger for the government. You should be ashamed of yourself


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