According to the world meters data and information recorded as on 9th April 2020,United States of America has a total of 440,572 cases of Corona Victims ,15819 death cases and 4798 New cases as per the date 9th April 2020.

It is on the same day that America records 1031 new deaths a rising number of deaths as per day in day out since America reported their first corona virus case on 20th January 2020.

The virus has spread to all the states and the United States is now becoming the new epicenter, second from Italy, given that the United States’ numbers have surpassed those of China, Spain and France.

Donald Trump is known for holding his head high as he goes by his famous saying “Make America Great”.

He is as well known for never giving up on defeat no matter how harsh the moments are. Donald Trump has already now come into reality with the fact that the pandemic, COVID-19,is real and might bring down America.

On one occasion ,Trump accused the medical personnel of stealing surgical masks leading to their shortage .He even accused of the states of hoarding the ventilators leading to chaos in hospitals .This is an indication that he didn’t realize that the disease is really in the country infecting many more people thus filling the hospitals.

Donald Trump now concedes defeat by accepting that 100,000 Americans might die due to corona virus.

The fact that Trump can now listen to his advisers and understands that the virus can only be defeated by science and not his political image, is a clear indication of defeat .


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