No Body will take Biafra serious, till South East Governors Ask for it – Aisha Yusufu
The Indigenous People of Biafra have intensified their call for Biafran State. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the leader of the group has been doing a lot of International Diplomacy to achieve this goal.

But, Aisha Yusufu a Public Affair commentator has added a forgotten and overlooked piece of the puzzle. Aisha state that, until the South East Governors ask for it, the entire country will not take the call for Biafra very serious.
She stated in response to an anonymous question put to her on why the effort of the IPOB is has not yielded the desired fruit, she replied:
Who is holding them? Tell them to demand for it! You think if the South East Governors demand for it, it wouldn’t be taken seriously?

The point she raised is very critical, in that the a quest of this nature should have majority of the opinion leaders and politicians involved in it.


  1. We will definitely get to that point especially with the recent happening s in nigeria which includes but not limited to to : the proposed format for the distribution of the chinese loan, the distribution of the corona aid fund and medical supplies to mention but few.


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