— Governor’s action – Insensitive to the Christian Faith – says Owerri Cleric

— Governor’s action is Anti Christ – Sabbatherian

The real reason behind the regime of Sen. Hope Uzodinma to lift lock down on Friday in the guise of opening the window for Easter shopping when Imo workers are owed over two months has been uncovered: It was done in a clandestine attempts to give the Muslims an undue advantage of having their Friday prayers at the Mosques in the state while banning Church Activities.

In apparent moves of the Supreme Court Governor to please his Abuja Masters who imposed him upon Imo people, the Governor of the regime has continued in clandestine policies danced to the tones of his masters; such as setting up in the state, a covet RUGA Ministry and Commissioner under the covers of Ministry of Livestock Breeding in the state and the latest being lifting of up lock down for the Muslim faithful to have their Friday prayers while in another breath stifling and suppressing the Christian faithful in the state by not extending the same gesture of Easter prayers it extended to their Muslim counterparts in the state.

An Owerri based cleric with His Reigns Chapel in Owerri, Pastor Chinedu Longs has described the Supreme Court Governor’s actions against the Church in the state as ‘Insensitive to the Christian faith’.

Buttressing his points, Pastor Chinedu said “The issue of saying that Christians should go to the market on Friday for Easter whatever and the Muslims should worship on Friday and you lock down the state on Saturday and Sunday again is nonsense because if you’re fighting coronavirus, market is more crowed than churches. I’m seeing it in my personal view that it is now a fight against the Church because some states like Rivers state, Kogi state and others they allowed worshipers to go to church on Sunday and worship, in fact Wike said they should go to church to pray to God to heal them, and I am now seeing it that the state government is insensitive to the Christian faith and it is not a welcomed development” he concluded disappointedly.

Meanwhile, a Sabbatherian with St. Gregory Church of redemption has called the Governor an Anti Christ for allowing only the Muslims worship on Friday while locking down Saturday for use of Sabbatherians who worships on Saturday.

The Sabbatherian cleric, Unogu Raphael in Owerri North said “By allowing only the Friday open, obviously for Muslim faithful due to vested interests and locking up the following Saturday which is the day for our worship has indeed shown the true intents of the governor and we see it as a manifestation of anti Christ and it will not be out of place to call the Governor an anti Christ who has declared war on the church of Christ.”

He continued;”If the Governor could open Friday ostensibly for Muslim prayers which they called Easter shopping window, does it mean that corona will be told to go on holiday only on Friday, if corona could be held to stay at home on Friday, what stops the Governor from extending for us to the next day”? He querried.


  1. This must not be true! But if it is, the governor must go and veg for forgiveness from God or face His wrath. This is anti-christism!

  2. This governor is really pleasing his masters from the north if all these stories is anything to go by…the supreme court need to take their man away from the Imolites, and bring back the original governor


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