1. Took the order of individuals by trading off INEC to be pronounced senator against sacred prerequisites.

2. Utilized open assets to pay for judgment to get by at Council and Request however bombed in Incomparable Court.

3. Pulverized Akachi Tower because of superstition, saying that he would not assume full responsibility for Imo State if Akachi still stands.

4. Endorsed N4 Billion for development of arena in every neighborhood Government Zone, when individuals are eager.

5. Suspended assistant of the house, Barr. Chris Duru, claiming that he worked with previous government.

6. Rented ITC to his sibling under a concealed arrangement, and constrained Bora out of NURTW as IMO State Administrator and supplanted him with his Sibling.

7. Would not pay compensations of Imo People group Watch (ICW) and ISN

8. Wouldn’t pay IMSUTH staff compensation in any event, making vows to them.

9. Guaranteed Due guarantee in contract grant yet didn’t immediate honor of street contracts at N500 million for Km (Note NDDC grants N120M for 1KM) with seepage.

10. Was scanning for charms affirmed to have been under government house of prayer.

11. Sacked recently utilized Imolites from common help.

12. Transformed IMHA into elastic stamp Governing body, everyone became messanger, mentioning to him what another says.

13. Must peruse Place of Gathering Request paper before sitting, in this manner evacuating anything he saw as danger to him and his legislature.

14. Out of N21.5 Billion of Slope Venture finance, He just dedicated 13.5Billion to street development, World Bank is viewing.

15. Would not support the development and movement of the High Court Staff to the new High Court Complex, Equity Oputa Court.
16. Dissected all street bars used to embellish Owerri city and expelled the sunlight based lighting boards, transforming Owerri into phantom city of dimness.
17. Neglected to laud his antecedent Rochas Okorocha for any beneficial thing he did, just to extort him even the Sam Mbakwe Universal air terminal he was unable to take over to proceed.
18. Lauched quarrel as his cardinal goal.
19. Set up recuperation group that was a pool of hooligans who continued embrassing Infers, with no type of fair treatment.

20. Couldn’t give record of properties they mightily took during the recuperation work out.
22. Deserted the new tertiary foundations whose endorsements were verified before they came into office.

23. Soilinh the name and notoriety of Mbaise country with the end goal that his off-base attitude as hard heartdness may remain against any individual in future.

24. Changing over Somto Master Clinic to advertise stores.

25. Delegating a previous Representative Ohakim as Spotless and Green initative, Administrator of Tidy up, envision drivel.


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