The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire has denied news making round that Nigerian government invited Chinese Medical Doctors to assist indigenous Doctors Combat lingering Pandemic, COVID-19.

In a video conference with Channels Television during a Sunrise Morning Programme, Dr Ehanire said refuted the news said Chinese company only responded to social responsibility.

Responding to question, why bringing in Chinese Doctors after applauding Nigerian Doctors to be doing well, the Doctor said they didn’t do so rather the company in its wisdom and responsibility decided to bring in the doctors.

He, however, welcome the assistance by the Chinese company said there is nothing wrong learning from people who had such peculiar experience of Coronavirus.

He revealed the Doctors are currently in isolation to monitor their health stability adding that the commission only reaches to them through teleconferencing.

He said the company (name withheld) meant well for Nigerians and there is no need to panic, despite they (the government) was not informed on the move to invite them earlier, maintained the Nigerian government did not send any invitation.

Early this week, we brought to you report of the arrival of fifteen Chinese Doctors, as gathered, were invited by the Nigerian government to assist in confronting COVID-19 disease spreading across Nigerian states.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has announced 13 new cases of #COVID-19 in recorded in the country, said Lagos State was hit with 11patients, Delta State 1, and Kano State 1.

The new cases have brought the total number to 318. 10 Deaths were also reported and 70 persons Discharged in various across states.


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