Just a day to Easter, miyetti Allah made this decision to shutdown the meat markets nationwide.

One of the leaders of the cattle breeders association in Nigeria, generally known as Miyetti-Allah

, has instructed all their members in Nigeria to shutdown all the meat markets in accordance to the recent demands from them which the Nigerian government has not yet met.

In an interview held with the leader he claims that: “the attention of the federal government has totally been focused on money and corona virus alone, forgetting other important things that matter to the country. This action we want to take is to bring it to their attention. I remember we did the same thing nine years ago and we got what we wanted, that alone goes a long way to prove that meat is very important during festivity period where its demands are usually high.

This time we have decided to shutdown the entire meat markets nationwide, and only then will the Government approve our pending proposals to give us lands in different parts of the country to rear our cattles in order to ensure availability of meat in Nigeria and for the benefit of everyone.


  1. Fulani herdsmen have no good intention to demand for land in all parts of Southern Nigeria to rear their cows. They have ulterior motives which are to grab and occupy land in every community after sacking the original owners of the land. They are heartless and as such no piece of land must be given to them anywhere in Igboland to carry out their nefarious activities.

    Igbos can surely survive without cow meat in Nigeria. There are numerous sources of getting meat apart from cow meat. We have fishes,chicken,pork meat,goat meat and even Igbo cow,ehi igbo,etc.

    Ohaneze Ndigbo should coordinate with Ndi Eze in council and all Presidents General of all Town Unions to ban Igbos from buying and consuming Fulani cow meat or use the cow during burials and other ceremonies in Igboland.

  2. It’s even an opportunity to ban them completely from our lands. Let them stop supplying their cows.
    My only issue is politicians and their selfish interests, and dont mind how it affects their generations.

  3. Since I have been expecting the Fulani’s to take this decision, I think this will make our people to know how less important cow meat is and the damages it brings to our health.


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