Fr Ebubu Mounso of the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Anambra State on Saturday blasted Nigerian leaders over the present state of the country.

According to the Father who was delivering prophetic Easter video message on Coronavirus Pandemic said Judas Iscariot’s Grandfather had his origin from Nigerian and that was the beginning of greed, criminality, bribery and corruption inherited.

Narrowing his message, Mounso said Nigeria notably is known for those enlisted inalienable characters including nepotism, intimidation and selfishness and are characterized in our leaders today.

He said the economic system is deeply in shamble, the masses suffering, and mostly everything has gone wrong because of the greedy leaders.

He said politicians who are elected into offices of serving the masses have deviated into serving themselves, queried why Nigerians cannot have basic needs provided to them amidst Coronavirus pandemic.

He prayed for God’s intervention to overcome COVID-19 pandemic handed over Nigerians safe in the hands of God with all-round divine security.


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