The Nigerian minister of Finance has cleared the air based on the recent rumors flying round the country that only the northerners were paid for the COVID-19 relief fund which was a false story.

She explained the reasons behind it by reminding Nigerians to recall that the president clearly stated that both the food and money will only be given to vulnerable people in the country and in the sharing started first from the poor households.

The reason why some people have not yet received their payments yet is based on internal issues we are currently facing since the treasury buildings burnt last week resulting to huge lost of 700 billion naira made for the COVID-19 relief fund.

The payments are still ongoing now and since the government want the poorest household to receive the payments first, it is likely that every account will be accessed through the BVN to identify how wealthy or poor the owners are.

Any account with close N200,000 may not be able to receive the payments since they have more than enough to suistain them throughout the lockdown.

Some People in Lagos and Abuja can testify that they have received their payments already and very soon people in South east, south-south and the middle belt will be paid. A MUST WATCH: 21 times Mohammed sallah used magic in football goals


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