Popular Islamic scholar, Imam of Peace has said that he is a Muslim with christian blood, speaks about Jesus.

On his Twitter Handle, He wrote:

“I’m Muslim with Christian blood and Jewish heart. It pumps Hinduism to my Buddhist mind and generates a Sikh vision. My feelings are Yazidi, veins are Jain. I breathe Zoroastrian, and think Bahai. In my sleep I’m non-religious, my dreams are spiritual and when I awake, I’m human.

“Throughout the years, I have refrained from answering this question, or I simply didn’t give a full answer. I had my reasons. I’m now ready to share my view of Jesus. It could be controversial, but it’s what I believe to be the truth.

“As a (practicing) Muslim, all my beliefs have to be based on the Quran and Hadith. There’s no other way. Therefore my sources (evidence) need to be from the Quran and or Hadiths. This means I will not be citing the Bible, even though it is considered a Holy Book in Islam.

Now, let’s get all the obvious matters out of the way: [The majority* of] Muslims believe:

Jesus is a messenger of God.

Jesus was born from a virgin Mary, by a miracle from God.

There will be a 2nd coming at the end of time.*

Mary is a ‘Mistress of the universe.’

“Muslims believe Jesus is a Messenger, not just a Prophet. A Prophet (such as Daniel) is sent by God without a Book; a Messenger (such as Moses or Jesus) comes with a book. A messenger holds a higher status than a Prophet who continues the message.

“What’s important to consider here is that Christians also believe that Jesus came with a Message from God (‘The Father’). Thus, we agree on the legitimacy of the message of Jesus.

“Muslims differ with Christians on: Jesus being God, a God, God in human flesh, Son of God, a deity or being worshiped.

“Muslims (and Jews) don’t believe anyone other than 1 God (‘The Father’) can be worshipped. At all.

“BUT: That doesn’t mean Jesus isn’t a ‘Creator.’

“Second Matter: Jesus, not God, but a Creator.

“A creator doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘God.’ As both Muslims and Christians believe: With the permission of God (The Father) Jesus can create.

In the following verse from the Quran (5:110), we read that:

“Jesus breathing life into a clay bird goes far beyond permission from God. In Islam, Jesus has several names, one of them is Ruhullah, which means “The Soul of God.” Many Muslims are named after Jesus, specifically this name. One of them is Khomeini.(He was nothing like Jesus).

“Now that we have established, from the Quran, that Jesus can give life, some Muslims could argue that this doesn’t make Jesus an absolute creator; as there is only one true creator, God.

In the Quran, God (Allah) clarifies that there are creators other than Him: Creators.

“To Summarize: Jesus is a messenger from God, creator, healer and giver of life—by the permission of God.

“In Islam, Jesus wasn’t crucified. Some scholars believe he was raised to the heavens and still lives, others believe he died. Either way, he is awaited at the end of time.

“This is due to the belief that Jesus is simply too great to be crucified.

“Also, in Islam, everyone is accountable for their sins. If I harm you, you need to forgive me in order for me to be forgiven. God cannot forgive me without your forgiveness. Doing that would be unjust to you and your rights.

“I hope we’re able to see how similar we are, and how the differences are minor. Looking ahead, both religions await Jesus Christ and his second coming.

“God bless us all.


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