At this time when Nigerians are looking for a word of hope that things will get better, a video like this kills every thing.

It discourages even the young and echoes one word ‘hopeless’.
A video has emerged online about President Buhari’s reply when he was asked what are his plans for Nigerians during this lockdown.

His response is totally embarrassing and confusing.Watch video here.

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? . He's a shy type tho. ????? Who did this

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Whether this is a photoshoped video or not is not ascertained but if this video is true then Nigerians are really in trouble.

Becausr it therefore means that the federal government has no single plan for Nigeriams during this lockdown period. See what they are saying about the Conditional Cash Transfer and who will collect it:Nigerians who buy N100 call credit will get relief cash – Federal Govt.

President Muhammadu Buhari had said that the Conditional Cash Transfer initiative has help about 2.6 million households and ordered for an additional 1 million households to be added.

How these 2.6 million households were given those palliatives in such a short time remains a mystery.

Nigeria as a country needs the divine intervention of God before we are all sold to China.


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