Vice President Yemi Osinbajo while addressing the congregation during a special Sunday Service at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja on Sunday.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has emphasised the importance of obedience to God’s word and instruction noting that they are essential for successful nation-building.

According to him, the church has its role to play in nation building. Creativity, innovation and hard work, according to him are also vital instruments which the church needs to focus on to move the nation forward.

He made this remark during a special Sunday Service at the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly in Abuja.

“It is the church that transforms everywhere. That creativity that God commanded us to do everywhere is what will change our nation. Our creativity, innovation and hard work, and this is a command. So if we obey God, our nation will change.

“There are many countries all over the world with huge resources and many other countries that have no resources. It is creativity that makes the difference,” he said.

Professor Osinbajo also asked the church to continue to emphasise the virtues of hard work and diligence particularly at a time when young Nigerians need guidance on understanding the meaning of true success.

“Sometimes when we hear what is being preached in churches it’s almost as if life is to be lived by miracles and that people don’t really need to put in any work.

“The reality is that true success is line by line, precept by precept, building block upon building block, hard work innovation, character, that’s the measure of true success and somebody has to teach that because that is what the church has always been known for.”


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