Unbelievable statement was made by an Hausa man named Usaman, who took to his twitter handle to explain why Nigeria would have been better than this.

The man named Usman elaborated and check the present condition of the country Nigeria, and he made a conclusion that draw the attention of social media user as they regraded such statement as mirage.

It commonly reported that igbo and Hausa with Yoruba, are the major three ethnic group in Nigeria, the federal government regards to that.

This three ethnic group in Nigeria are known not to be in good terms with each other due to the popular claim of one group to be more of important and superior to another in the society.

Because of this, there have been a great rival among the three ethnic group in Nigeria.

The reason is because, one tribe believe that another group to have been affecting the country negatively either by actions, lack of education and other social deficiency, this is especially refers to the northern part of the country where the rate of education is low.

Notwithstanding, the statement made by Usman who is from the northern part of Nigeria, was to degrade the social and physical state of igbo as both never comes to agreement with each other.


  1. You are right and what is holding the British to let Biafrans go? And why is it that the other two tribes want to kill themselves each time they heard that Biafrans want to go?

    • Nobody is holding the Igbo not to go. Their problem is that they are not United. How many Igbo Senators or governors support Biafra?
      No prominent man in Igbo land support Biafra.
      The Igbo governors named them terrorist.

  2. Let go the eastern region of Biafra, then you can go on make a better nigeria what is still holding the government to do it. Biafran are waiting to go at all time. Can’t nigeria read the hand writting on the wall.?

  3. That’s true my own brother but why is it that your own people don’t want to live the Biafran to go now?l think with the level of your Education you can help ok thanks.

  4. Dan Allah Dan Annebi,Usman. Kayi kokari ka payintar da Yar Uwaka da Yar Ubaka inanupin Yan Arewa. SUYI HANZERI SU RABA KASAN…Saboda masun rike mulkin…basuyiyaba. Yan Arewa (Hausa da Fulani) U can’t Lead. U can’t get civilized…U ar oppressors…Let other tribes try to run Nigeria bt Arewa said no during Gudluck…Boko Haram was the opposition…The same Buhari who was the first enemy of Democracy in Nigeria now is turned Nigeria to Chinese testing Zoo…Wat has Nigeria done for Igbos?…is it marginalization…let me hold my breath!

  5. The Igbo’s will go,
    They have a call with destiny.
    To be the biggest black race in the world.
    I want to see an Igbo nation on its own .a
    Nation with new allies.
    The Chinese will come.
    We are their trade merchant.
    Our own foreign loans from world bank.
    Our own army.
    Our own navy.
    Our own boarder our own tax
    Our own central bank our own exchange rate our own economy.
    Our own intelligent.
    Our national team ambassadors to other nations.
    Fear poster fear.
    A nation is emerging
    A brand new baby in the womb of Nigeria
    Birth us Nigeria give birth to us.
    Let us go and make our own mistakes
    Let the rising sun rise.
    Their God is a God of pestinece diseases.
    He fights his battle

  6. There’s just no need keeping a failing Union. If you think the ibo’s would rather make Nigeria worse off, common sense only meant that you should do away with them by way of allowing them go naaaa if cooperation is lacking..
    This thing does not warrant all this your talk my guy. Let these guys just go. Na wa oooooo!!!

  7. how i wish this ur statement today can stop us it will be good or make it fast for Biafra to go today will be the Zoo cabals know truth about the Zoo call Nigeria you dont know anything


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