Many Nigerians have been wondering why president Buhari does not wear face mask in public as many presidents and public people all over the world do due to the spreading of the coronavirus.

Since the coronavirus spread to Nigeria in February, many public servants have been seen wearing masks whenever they appear in public. But, why has president Buhari who is supposed to show an example to Nigerians shun wearing of masks?

For example, when he met with the EU Delegates on Thursday, Nigerians wondered why he didn’t wear mask
Wearing of protective mask has been recommended by WHO as one of the effective ways of preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

As the president, every action and inaction of president Buhari is interpreted correctly or wrongly.

There are some speculations that it is perhaps, because the president has breathing problems. But this can not be true because, president Buhari is not the only president who does not wear masks in public.The UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Donald Trump of America do not wear Masks in public. So, it is not a big deal to wear mask.

Before you speculate further, experts says wearing nose mask, only helps prevent an infected person from passing the virus, it does not prevent an uninfected person from contracting it. Hence social distancing and good hygiene are more important.

Since president Buhari doesn’t wear masks, but observes washing of hands and social distancing, there is no cause for alarm.

More importantly, since everyone around him wears masks, there is no point he wears.

Hence, you may also look at it from the angle that it is a proof that Mr President is clean and doesn’t want anyone meeting with him, to infect him with the virus.

What do you think about this? Is anything wrong with President Buhari not wearing masks?


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