The minister of Information, Lai Mohammed openly cleared the air on the real reason why present Buhari can no longer speak his native language.

This speech was made today during his chat with Sahara reporters in Abuja. When he was asked by the journalists why people are so interested and are digging deep to know why the president can no longer speak his language for years now.

He replied them by stating that ” since Buhari is the president of the nation, it is not really proper that he even make use of his native language in public or to address anyone. You can recall the reaction that errupted from people the day president Buhari addressed the country with Hausa language when he was in hospital in the United kingdom when people tagged himas the president of the north for using Hausa to address the entire nation, and that was really a bad comment from Nigerians.

Also note that the president did not just travel for ordinary treatment alone, but he went for a serious surgery which I believe it affected some parts of his brain which control human language and that has been the reason for his inability to speak Fulfude, his original native language. So it was a health issue not his fault.

The last time I tried to explain this in a convention, I was proved wrong by many medical experts who inturn have not still been able to explain the real reason behind it and yet concluded that my explanation can not be possible and has no medical proof.


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