APPEAL /Apology Over False Content.


An Earlier Version of this content was rated False by Dubawa via

THE version of the Incorrectly stated that President Muhammadu Buhari said he wanted to resign that Nigerians are saying No.

We have since punished the Content creator over such False News and wish to apologize to our Readers.


  1. Good morning my follow Nigeria.i know this may sound as joke or many of you will be thinking this is not a scam?my brothers this is real I am calling on the Yoruba,s the Igbo,s and the hausa,s to please come together as one Nigeria I am not discriminating anybody but that is just the three tribe we have in this country Nigeria as I was saying. we have lived together since 1979 cuz that’s was when the biafra war ended if truly god really want biafra to hold it could have been then not now we have lost over three millions souls and many of us have establish business in various places like the North the West the South and the East and now you are asking us to leave those places I know there’s a reading that says your comfort zone will kill your dream is not that we are comfort here where we are.we fighting our self is not the right thing.I won’t say what the biafras are fighting for this not right but the only way is for us to come together as one Nigeria…I don’t care if you are a Muslim or Christian all we have to believe is that we are also having one God who is the creator of heaven and earth.this is the right time to stand up my can give me a mail this is my email address

    • My dear is like you have properties outside Biafra land, don’t worry you will still be in control of them when Biafra comes, Don’t fear

    • You are on your own don’t say on behalf others don’t say we did not warn you, prepare your coming before it is too late


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