This country is becoming something else, are they lying to the media or deceiving the people.

Adams went ahead to drop a post on his Instagram page telling us that they have paid a very huge amount to our account and we didn’t not appreciate.

He said;

“Nigerians are very ungrateful because they never appreciate they money Buhari gave them two weeks ago and they are complaining after receiving the money. The government should extend lockdown and make sure that there is not payment of relief fund.


  1. Why all Nigeria leaders are lie like this? After you people have embezzle the money, now you people are now saying you have gave it to Nigerians, Ogun go kill all of u that embezzle Nigeria money. Adam oshunmole, lai Mohammed are liers. We no see any money

  2. No money has been pay money has been pay to majority of Nigerian they only claim they have given money to the poorest family which I known is all lie

  3. God will punish you leaders that are lying on the d vulnerable ones when did u give us money? How did you people pay the money bunch of liers God will judge you oshomole for telling this big lies to Nigerians.

  4. You must be very stupid for that thing you just vomited from that your smelling mouth very soon the Corona will locate you mumu thief

  5. Please guys, Oshiomhole can never say a thing like that. I can vouch for him on this one. Remember that Oshiomhole’s speech are usually very long to read. Opera, show us d video

  6. Na ogun go kill all Nigeria leaders for me ,u said u gave all Nigeria’s twenty thousand naira wat can twenty thousand naira do and u guy are happy to say when United state are been give close to three hundred thousand, see Nigeria is not more a country Na God go punish Buhari for me the worst president Nigeria has ever had shame to u guys twenty thousand naira wat can it do….

  7. I believed it can’t be him who wrote this because my spirit and my late grandfathers will strike all and deal with them..

    I swear , something must be fishing .. When we are not fools and such will be said, never again..

    • This is a fake news oshiomhole did not say anything like this . Una done start again okayoooo this time around oshiomhole haters will die one by one.
      Whatch and see.

  8. Oshemole should ne ashamed of his miserable let self. Let him never provoke Nigerians amidst the Pandemic we are trying so hard to manage.
    We closed down our businesses, we are locked down feeding on our capitals, thinking how to start again after the Pandemic, they are busy looting theoney they are supposed to help Nigerian poor and vulnerables with.
    God will surely judge him and all political officers who sees this pandemic as an opportunity to take advantage of.
    Wicked and evil people who buy their way into leadership to unleash terror on people and have nothing to offer.

  9. So very unfortunate, someone like Adams Oshiomole,talking among the people that matter in Nigeria,you that everybody knows to be a Blatter liar,a tricky human being, for your mind you think you can fool all Nigerians,,anyway,it does not take a special training to identity a foolish man,just allow him open his mouth and talk,,,,,


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