The clamour for young blood in the leadership of Nigeria at the nation level has not been as this high.

The youths are fed up as the situation of the country is not at all in our favour. We have come this far and endure this far, because we believe in our country and do not want to shirk our responsibilities as the future of the country.

But for how long should we allow the old generation to last in our polity? Why should we believe there are no potential among us? Why do we so believe one of our kind cannot save us? Why should we continue to depend on those old faces? These questions beg for answers and I wish we could all wake up and make the necessary change.

We need a leader that is prepared – one who will give the country an entirely new face. This is our collective responsibilities and this is exactly what Dino Melaye stand for.

Melaye is a bold, courageous and successful Senator while representing Kogi West in the upper legislative chamber of the National Assembly. He stood up to the defence of his right, his constituent and that of his colleagues. With this, he was full of dignity and distinguished himself as one of the best minds in the legislative chamber.

Even till now, after losing his seat to Smart Adeyemi, he never cease to demonstrate his desire to stick to what he had always believed in.

As a former member of the House of Representative. He was involved in exposing a number of corruption cases in the House, including the 9 billion naira related to former speaker of the House Demeji Bankole. His anti-corruption tendencies led to his exclusion from the leadership of the House.

He has always positioned himself as the advocate of changes for the Nigerian community. He, obviously, gained the trust of his people by this uprightness, and as a result, he was voted to represent them at the Upper Legislative Chamber in the 2015 elections.

Dino is full of inherent leadership qualities that stands him out amongst his peers. And for a president that needs honesty, loyalty and ability to deliver as his requirement to chose a second in command, Melaye is the best bet.
Self confidence is the hallmark of Senator Dino Melaye’s qualities.

He is always committed to a course with self-confidence, and working hand in hand with his team. There is no greater motivation than seeing a leader working alongside everyone else.

By proving your commitment to your people and especially your team, you will not only earn the respect of your team, but will also instil that same hardworking drive among your staff.

Melaye is such a team player that focuses more on results without looking back.

He is the voice of the voiceless. A real servant leader who has shown that he has the interest of the people at heart.
.What further evidence! Dino has all it takes, and we won’t be surprised if he is eventually considered for the post of the next Vice-president of Nigeria.


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