The Nigerian finance minister Mrs Zainab Ahmed has announced to the national press media that SouthEast has been benefiting more from the Covid-19 Relief fund donated by individuals and companies more than any part in Nigeria.

The statement was announced by the Nigerian finance minister Mrs Zainab Ahmed on 15th April 2020 during the Abuja joint meeting.

While speaking further she also states that not only SouthEast but to all parts in Nigeria have benefited from the Covid-19 Relief fund, and the government is working effectively to ensure that all Nigerians are safe and healthy.


  1. By how and when did that happen? Even the BVN that you people said you pay in money for does that were very poor, when you people see that the name that appears with number is igbos did you put anything there? I have only one thousand naira in my account but till now even onn naira I have not seen. There’s Godoooo


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