Gov. David Umahi of Ebonyi on Wednesday warned that public movement would not be allowed in the state without wearing of face masks.

Umahi gave the warning in Abakaliki during a statewide broadcast, directing Local Government Area (LGA) Chairmen to ensure minimum compliance.

The governor said that any movement by people in the state without wearing of face mask will attract “Caining, no matter the position of the affected individual in the society.”

“COVID-19 started with big men and small men are also now infected.

“The big men have the resources to stay in their homes treat the virus, but the poor men don’t have such resources to manage it, so, we have to protect them.

“Any big man that comes outside and don’t have face mask on, will be in trouble and we are very clear about that,” he said.

Umahi said that as index cases were recorded in some neigbouring states: “The Ebonyi state government will come out with tougher measures to prevent the virus from spreading to the state.

“The people are complaining that the state COVID-19 team is collecting bribe but there is no way heads of security outfits can be everywhere.

“People should report any of their officers involved in such malpractice and the affected locations to the head of the securities agencies.

“The information provided will be used to trace the erring officers, some of the officers are already caught in the act will be used as examples.”


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