Reliable source close to former governor of Imo State Dr Ikedi Ohakim believe that the Okohia born politician may be joining the Hope Uzodinma-led government.

According to our source who requested to stay anonymous, Gov Hope Uzodinma have been making moves to bring his very old friend and former choice for deputy governor to join his government and by extension the APC.

Dr Ikedi Ohakim we were reliably told have so far remained neutral in the current political happenings in the state and has yet to accede to the entreaties being made to him by Uzodinma.

It would be recalled that Dr Ikedi Ohakim contested the Imo State 2019 Governorship election where he came fifth behind Gov Hope Uzodinma before the Supreme Court upturned the results declaring Hope the winner and sacking Ihedioha who had initially been declared winner by INEC.

During his eight months stay, Ihedioha who is also a close friend of the former governor had approached Ohakim to assist his administration in several areas including sanitation as well as the organization of the Ahiajoku Lecture Series.

Ohakim had stayed with the Ihedioha administration but had not declared for the PDP till date. There is doubt of his continued membership of the Accord Party which was the political party he contested the last election under.

Ohakim was being favoured by Ihedioha to contest the Okigwe Senate seat and if Ihedioha had still been in power, his support would probably have ensured Ohakim goes to the Senate.

With Ihedioha’s removal, the dreams of going to the Senate seems dashed unless Ohakim would join APC and manage to get Hope Uzodinma’s support to contest against the likes of Senator Ifeanyi Araraume who there are feelers that the governor is not backing.

“Hope Uzodinma and Ohakim go a long way,” the source said. “Ohakim will certainly see reason in the end and join Hope. I know he is holding back because of Ihedioha and what people will say but eventually, he will surely join Hope Uzodinma.”

Ohakim is yet to react publicly to the Supreme Court verdict and every other thing happening in th3 state since then. Even his Facebook account has suddenly gone silent since after the Supreme Court judgement.

With the COVID-19 outbreak, political activities have grinded to almost a halt but there are expected to be realignments in the near future and we may yet see Dr Ikedi Ohakim joining the APC.



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