The Director-general of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Chikwe Ihekweazu has revealed that some states are yet to bring in samples for testing to confirm if they have cases of Coronavirus.

Chikwe made the disclosure in an interview on Channels TV on Friday April 24. He stated that while the NCDC is improving on its testing capacity for COVID-19, it is worrisome that samples have not been sent in by some states.

According to the NCDC Director General,
“It is a bit like pretending like the problem does not exist because you are not looking for it.
“In every state, we expect a certain number of people to fit the case definition of an acute respiratory infection without an underlying cause.
“If you take away contacts with travellers and with confirmed cases, the third part of our case definition which says anyone with an acute respiratory infection for which there is no underlying cause should have a sample collected to know whether they have this disease or not.
“So, we expect every state to submit a certain number of samples for testing every day. We have seen that some states have not submitted a single sample.
“We are doing an analysis on the number of samples we’ve received from some states, which we will share with all the governors.
“We are going to send it back to them for them to look at their data and be honest with their people that there are no cases in their states.”



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