Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, broke out again, this one is targeted to the Vice President of Federal Republic of Nigeria. He is wondering where osinbajo is, as he has not been seen for quite a long time as the vice President of Nigeria.

In a statement Titled “MAYBE OSINBAJO IS THE ABOBAKU TO ‘PRESIDENT’ ABBA KYARI” Mazi Nnamdi Kanu says’ “Are you sure these heartless Fulani beasts have not used Yemi Osinbajo for some bizarre ritual for Abba Kyari or worse?

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“What sort of economy is Osinbajo coordinating when oil that is the only thing worth coordinating in the Zoo is worthless and nobody wants to buy it? Who are they fooling. The only other economy that may be considered worthy of coordination is watermelons onions, tomatoes, lettuce and pepper which has very limited export potential.

So which other high foreign exchange earner is he coordinating that we don’t know about?

Years of Janjaweed economics by Fulani rulers has ensured that Nigeria produces nothing that any sensible country would like to buy. What sort of pathetic explanation is this, that he is “working from his office”. We know that already.

All over the world people are already working from their homes or offices but they are still seen, more so when they are high profile political office holders.

Don’t video cameras work in his office? What stops a whole Vice President from addressing the people from the relative safety of his office in the absence of the president?

“A Vice President working from his office while an unelected, unaccountable Boss Mustapha, a lowly clerk, is in front of the TV cameras every day announcing government policies, which in any country inhabited by human beings is the work of the Vice President.

The job Boss Mustapha is doing is what Osinbajo is constitutionally mandated to do.
So Where Is Osinbajo?



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