WHO IS NNAMDI KANU. He was a Yahoo boy walking around Lagos State before migrating to London He was sacked by University of Nigeria Nsukka in his second year, before leaving for London. He started breathing when Uwazurike of MASSOB came to London, and appointed him to manage Radio Biafra London He also became the financial secretary of MASSOB He was relieved of that post for embezzling Massob’s fund He was angry He took over Radio Biafra from Massob to lunch IPOB In fact, he had already planned to kill Uwazurike, but the plan failed He then decided to lunch a serious propaganda campaign against Uwazurike and Massob. In 2015, Jonathan gave him $2 million, to use Radio Biafra to lure Igbo votes and votes from other regions of Nigeria He quickly changed the agenda of Massob from creating Igbo awareness to attacking Buhari and all PDP opponents Fayose was providing him with propaganda information to be used against Buhari. Nnamdi believed Fayose, when he told him that Buhari was dead Being drunk with power, and having been corrupted by power, he crossed boundaries by attacking every ethnic group that is not Igbo. He even went further to lunch murderous campaign against Igbos that don’t support his evil agenda. Nnamdi has never done any work in his life. He has no house of his own He has become rich through contributions by vulnerable Igbos to IPOB. Nnamdi is now worth over 10 million pounds Uwazurike …


  1. Uwazurike you are a thief, complete saboteur we will behead you when #Biafra is finally restored under the watch of IPOB controlling by Maazi Nnamdi Kanu, which will come one day. We love Nnamdi Kanu, we #Ipob worldwide, we love #Biafra our nation

  2. Nnamdi kanu is never a scammer, he is a truthful man sent by God for our salvation. Uwazurike is nothing but a fool who want to sell us just for making money.
    #BIAFRA ALL THE WAY# we must be free


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