Mr. Babatunde Fashola, a Nigeria’s minister of power, has praised Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, the Nigeria President, saying no president in the world has done better than what he has done.

The minister says the president has recorded huge achievements.

Fashola According to Channels Television pointed out that no government has recorded remarkable achievements like Buhari administration.

Fashola said, unlike what others did, Buhari did not concentrate on one project, but rather engaged in different projects at the same time.

“This government is doing something that I don’t think many, if any nation has done before. They are building the entire infrastructure at the same time ports, airports, rail, roads, power, all simultaneously at the same time,” Fashola said.

“Often times, what most countries do is to finish one then go to the other. And it is because we have outgrown our infrastructure as a nation. And that is why you will see the commitment of the president to projects like the second Niger bridge, the Igbodo-Ogoni bridge, the Mambilla power plant, the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, all of these is going on at the same time “

The minister assured his country men that Buhari will do better in this second term than the first.

He has since urged the citizens to brace up for a better dividend of democracy.


  1. Why wouldn’t Mr Fashola say this? After all PMB gave him three big ministries to manage as one. He has the Ministry of Works, Housing and Mines to manage. These three Ministries put in one seem to out way him therefore he does not realise what is on ground before talking.
    He is proud to say this administration has embarked on many projects at the same time, what an indirect way of telling Nigerians that PMB has no plan of action. He feels taking too many things at the same time would make people see him as a serious man but we all know that too many cooks spoil the soup. He had better taken few projects and get the completed on schedule and commissioned rather than make a mo kery of himself and his administration.
    I tend to wonder how a lawyer and a SAN of repute as Fashola can bring himself so low as to sign ging such defaming praises on his master for towing the wrong way and moving on a wrong footing. This is really unfortunate.
    Please how many Federal roads in the entire South East has this administration embarked upon and completed since it’s inception?
    He is talking about the rail system, can he oblige to tell us how many railway tracks they have embarked upon in the South East? Is the South East not part of the Nigeria or do they have another concept of Nigeria other than the one we have as a country? These comments by Fashola are comments that are supposed to emanated from someone who does not know the taste of his onions and not someone so exposed as Fashola. He better goes back to his drawing board and redraw his comments.


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