In the normal Igbo parlance, it is actually not a woman who gave birth to a baby that is usually praised by the people, but it is the one who raised the baby into a responsible and a successful adult.

*Igbo si: “Ọ bụghị aka kpatara akụ ka a na-eto, kama ọ bụ aka chekwara ya”.*

The fact that the Governor *Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma* saw reasons to continue some of the few projects commenced by his predecessor Rt Hon. Emeka Ihedịọha, in the spirit of continuity should be lauded and greatly appreciated.

The Governor in his wisdom and prudence vowed that no Imo money would be wasted under his very watch as long as he remains the Governor. Unlike his predecessor whom on assumption of office, went headon into total demolition and breaking down of various tourists attraction sites built by Rochas’ administration, possibly in a bid to rubbish and flaw the ex-Governor, not minding the huge amount of Imo State money invested in those projects. A step, which all Imolites condemned unreservedly.

Immediately Governor Hope came back to power, the first thing he did was to schedule a meeting with all the contractors and subcontractors doing one work or the other in the state. A meeting, which most of the contractors attended in utter nervousness, due to the fear that the Governor might terminate their contracts, because that has been the order of the day for all known previous administrations in Imo state and in other states of the federation where government continuity has been a humongous challenge.

But, low and behold, instead of terminating their contracts or even renegotiating the TERMS to his favour, the Governor simply ordered all the contractors to return to their various sites and continue working in the best interests of Ndi Imo. This, the Governor did to their utter surprise, jubilation cum gyration.

As the state Governor and the Chief Executive Officer, *His Excellency Sen Hope Uzodinma* had and still retains the power to revoke any contract within the state, as well as to assign same to whoever he pleases. But, as a true economist and a seasoned manager, the Governor does not believe that scarce resources of Imo State should be wasted, unless where such projects do not meet the required standards or does not meet the needs of Imo people.

Again, we all know that without *Senator Hope Uzodinma* getting involved in the last Gubernatorial race, Hon Uche Nwosu would most likely have become the Governor of Imo State today, going by simple political arithmetics. Remember it’s still a 12:9:6 ratio.

No wonder, Ihedịọha unequivocally applauded and poured encomiums on *Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma*, and held him in a very high esteem as the man behind his emergence as governor during his inaugural speech, after he was erroneously declared the winner of the 2019 guber.

So, how did the good yesterday become bad today? Has *Sen Hope Uzodinma* changed from being good? Has he changed from loving Imo our dear state? Has he ceased from doing good? Has the Governor derailed? I do not think he has. And I’m not sure he would.

All the Governor needs now are the ernest Prayers and Supports of all well meaning and progressive Imolites towards the *Recovery* of IMO our dear state.

*Long Live His Excellency Dist. Sen. Hope Uzodinma (Ọnwa Oyoko)!!!*

…Let there be Light!


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