After extensive consultations and little inside views researches on the nature of this pandemic, I realized that the power lies on the anticipated result from the mere authentic laboratory situation that signify the nature of the disease CORONA VIRUS that encased the world by surprise its symptoms sometimes are assumed ought to be.
Paying attention to the interview granted to AIT by the governor of Cross River State Prof. Ben Ayade, he notified the public that in a bid to rush for test might sometimes create unnecessary panic because there are chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, stroke that can create room for COVID conditions and so unnecessary test panicking now may be escalating heat where it does not exist.
Many don’t know that HIV is to AIDS and CORONA is to COVID . HIV manifests to AIDS symptoms when the entire body cannot fight or racist some illnesses into the body meaning that the immune is deficient to withstand the functional efficacy of the body structure.
It has also been discovered that people dying of chronic illnesses even without HIV virus sometimes tests positive to HIV. This Abia State index cases might be tolled to much examinations to confirm the actual situation. Having said this, a person with cancer, diabetes, stroke may or might have similar symptoms with covid patients and therefore can also test positive to Convid 19 without initially having contacted Corona Virus but chronic diseases.
So comparing those designated to be covid patients in Abia State who in the first place have not traveled nor come in contact with any infected patient might not have contacted the CORONA VIRUS but tested positive to covid 19 as result of their chronic diseases not forgetting that they are above 70 years with chronic diseases like stroke, debates and related cases.
Thank God Abia State government has been emphasizing on the nature of these index cases of their old age. Sometimes demonstrations in the lamb may not depict the true posture of the expected imagery.
No doubt Abia might be safe for now.


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