The Minister of information and culture Lai Mohammed in his recent statement have asked people of the South East to disregarded the claims that Federal government of Nigeria has no vision for the zone.

He further said in his statement that for South East group to enjoy being part of Nigeria, it only when they have aborted all activities seeking and agitating for Biafra.

In his statement he said:

“Igbos should stop saying that they are being neglected as part of Nigeria,

We neither neglect or have disregard for them it is the igbos that have disregarded Nigeria.

My master, president Muhammadu Buhari has targets and plans for igbos, in fact we are considering to hand over 2023 presidency to the South East, but it is only their Biafra agitation that is pending these plans.

Igbos has a lot to benefit if they abandon Biafra and consider us one Nigeria.

Their leader, Nnamdi Kanu does not know that he is preventing and seizing opportunities for the South East Group”.


  1. Thunder fire your generation monkey,
    before you know it biafrans will be swimming in oil and riches, while zoo Nigeria is dead

  2. Lai Mohammed, who are you? They managed to appoint you the Minister for information, you are now fool of yourself. We don’t need your love or your hate. You are the worst of a Minister of information in history, the Government you serve is the most clueless Government in the history of Nigeria. Sorry we need Biafra. We don’t want to do anything with cruel and clueless people like you and your Government. Sorry Lai Mohammed.

  3. If this man is not lying then he must be taking the igbos as fools. The main reason you should give igbos the 2033 presidential slot should be to stop them from agitating. Not the other way round.

  4. Who’s fool to tell biafrans what to do and who on this planet earth sayed to this fools that biafrans need anything else not even ever lasting president but only #Biafra!!!

    Biafra restoration is inevitable

    All hail biafra


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