The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria has threatened to invade the southern part of Nigeria with war.

This was coming from the leader of MACBAN, during his statement in kaduna, after urging the southeastern governors to accept and welcome the fulani cattle breeders in the country.

Meanwhile it was noted that the southeastern governors have refused to recognize nor accept the fulani herdsmen as a guest in the state.

while speaking further the Leader of Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association of Nigeria also made a brief statement, threatening to invade the southeastern region with force, after urging the government to accept it cattle breeders in the state.

According to the leader of MACBAN he said;

It has come to our notice that the governors in the southeastern part of Nigeria, have rejected our people and also denying them their full legal right in the country, according to the Nigeria constitution, every citizen has the right to walk/live anywhere around the country without restriction, we the miyetti Allah cattle breeders association of Nigeria, we not tolerate any threat from any government, southEast should expect us any moment from now because we’re coming with fire.


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