Salary Wage Bill of Imo State is N2.7 Billion monthly. Pensions about N600Million.

That represents nearly 70% of Imo monthly allocation standing at N4.5 Billion monthly.

No way anybody can save N2Billion Monthly from Ghost workers.

Whoever wrote this in an official broadcast for the governor deserved to be jailed.

Kissinger Ikeokwu

Uzodinma’s broadcast is UnGovernor. It’s empty and only aimed at tarnishing Visible achievements of Ihedioha.

Chuks Nwankwo

Uzodinma failed to address the contemporary issues. He was only focusing on the past. This is not worth a 100 Days Speech.

Mike Mbamara

Someone should tell Gov. Uzodinma that 100 Days is about the achievements of the present administration and not what happened in the past.

Ossy Nwadike

Hope said He repaired the generator at Secretariat 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

This is also an achievement in 100 Days? Nigerians must be laughing at us.

Chinonso Amadi

I am shocked that a Governor could present this as 100 day in office address. I am in pains.

Nwachukwu Wilson

Even after looking at the paper while reading as if the paper was going to run away, Hope ended up reading nothing. Ndi Imo Ndo

Olivia Chilaka

Something is not adding up!

2billion naira now being saved monthly by allegedly blocking loopholes and payroll cabals,yet 75% of pensioners are yet to receive their March entitlements till this moment.
No singular reason as regards to that from the government.

Why pay a small percentage and leave the rest?Were genuine pensioners removed from the payroll?

Andy Maduako


“There is nothing like stonling mandate” Imolites never Voted for you and you never campaigned for Election..Abba & Supreme Court gv u another Person’s Mandate…Full stop

Chukwudi Madu


Sincerely speaking, I am disappointed. I was listening to the Governors address with my friend from Delta State. In fact, He has been laughing at me since. No policy Direction of the Administration, no focus in sight. All we hear is shared prosperity. How do u share prosperity without planing?

Dr Steve Ejiogu.

This one Na one chance oh. Listening to this address is even a big task. How did we get here? Abba Kyari come and answer!

Obi Ujunwa

I know Hope will not make an excellent Governor but I never knew He is an illiterate. This is sad.

Obinna Nkwopara

Those advising Hope should tell him to go for Speech Presentation classes. I know you must not be a professor to be a good leader but there are some basics. Uzodinma has failed in all standard

My one penny Advice

Ray Morphy


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