The Rivers state government declared a lockdown in the state without additional measures but in residence were Igbos live and do their businesses, he declared curfew, stationed police in all strategic streets.

Residents of Wobo, Wokeoma, Ojoto, Emenike, Mile 1, 2 and 3 are presently gasping to their last breath.

People sees no place to either sell or buy food stuffs. Families have stayed indoor without palliative measures from the government.

Some Indigenous residents in these enlisted areas have received food items from the governor without extending to non-indigenous people.

The governor should be informed that will only have their lives to stake whether to live or die. He should remedy way out for the pending disaster or call of the curfew to allow parents buy food for their children.


Challenge whoever claims is fake should put a call to Obi/Apko to know if stores are open.

Yesterday, a cultist was killed by a rival member because of little clash during collecting of money from people selling food items to people in Wobo, Ekwe, Wokeoma streets and its environ secretly.

The boy, who is from Ubima has been buried by his parents yesterday and Voko, who is the LG Chairman walked round the area, entering people’s compound/yards with attached Taskforce, carrying left out food items and destroyed many (video and picture evidence recorded).

As at this morning, Police and other security agents are stationed in Ekwe, Wobo (Which is Voko’s Community) and area where people can possibly get food items and people are desperately hungry and helpless.

A police officer, who resides in the area, was looking for where to buy Okoro to make soup for her family this morning, decried the wickedness unleashed on residents in the area.

The only item shared in the area by the government as palliative to cushion hunger was a carton of Indomie per yards (no matter how many rooms involved) since two weeks now.


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