Commercial se* workers operating in Onitsha the commercial nerve centre of Anambra state, have introduced precautionary measures making it mandatory for their customers to wear face masks during se*ual intercourse.

Orient Weekend was told by a teenage practitioner that the policy was introduced in the bid to maintain the social distancing and safety measures introduced by the state government in its efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the state.

The worker, who broke the news to our correspondent in Onitsha on Wednesday, said it was now compulsory for members to enforce the policy so as to avoid infection and spread of Covid-19 in the state. The lady who identified herself as Rose explained: “we resolved that, since government at all levels have made it compulsory to wear face masks to avoid contamination with the coronavirus disease, those who patronise us must also wear it for us to be safe from the Covid-19”.

“So, those of us who engage in se*ual intercourse with their customers without face mask are doing that at their own risk. I know some of our members will, instead of enforcing the policy, and losing customers, provide them the option of paying extra. To me, I will not try it because this Covid-19 is wicked and, if it is possible, there should be observation of social distancing during se*ual exercise.”

Asked to elaborate further on the enforcement of the directive, Rose said, “must the bodies of the man and woman touch each other? That is why we should start practising the western world style. They have different methods of se*ual intercourse. In fact, through the back, he has his thing and finds his way for me to look for other customers. I do get annoyed when the man’s body touches me during se*”.

According to her, “even if it is bad market for us since the lockdown because men stayed at home with their wives, I still have three to four married men who must eat my ‘thing’ come rain, come sunshine. They prefer me to their wives and even one of them has pleaded that I marry him and I told him I can’t be second wife and he pledged to sack his wife if only I will agree”.

“When I asked him why he wants to sack her he told me that se*ually I satisfy him more than the wife and I know it. No man comes to me and will not come back. It is no magic or charm, the way I will handle you on the bed will make you to advertise for me. So, journalist, let’s leave this area and talk about Covid-19 before you change your mind and drop you pen”.

Asked if they have received any sort of palliatives to assist them keep body and soul together, she stated, “we heard of palliatives being distributed to the vulnerable. Who is a vulnerable? You and I, including the rich are victims of this Covid-19. The money federal government said they will share through the BVN to only those who have N5,000 or less in the bank is unfortunate. They need not discriminate because even the rich man still feels the impact of the lockdown in one way or the other”.

“That rich man you are excluding may have dished out something to the vulnerable and that is minus for the rich man. So, please, tell government that it wants to err by discriminating. My late father was a top military officer. It is just that I found myself here by circumstance. I am 19 years, a school dropout but will leave this vocation in no distant time”.

“My joy is that, now that normalcy is gradually returning to the state and the entire country, I will be selective in my customers. I am a small girl but carry men as old as my father and that is why they rush to me, some promising marriage.”

“There is this man that sexes me three times a week and each time he comes he will be greeting me ‘my daughter, how are you? And I will reply, ‘fine Sir’ after which we go to bed and after he will give me more than we bargained for. I miss him but I know it is because of this Covid-19. I have personally pleaded with him to marry me but he will always say ‘my female kids will not allow the marriage; they will beat you up, my dear.’”.


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