Members of the Coalition of Southeast Youths for Buhari ( COSYB),a Buhari Support Group that was part of the 2015 and 2019 electoral victories of President Muhammadu Buhari, have lauded the President on the appointment of one of their members into the Board of the Federal Character Commission.

The above follows the appointment of Mr Henry Ogbulogo a few days ago as Abia State’s Representative at the Federal Character Commission. In a release signed by one of the National Conveners, Styv Nkem and the National Publicity Secretary, Ifeanyi Azi, which was made available to media men in Abuja, Friday, the group pointed out that President Buhari was leaving up to his promise of trusting the NigerIan youth with responsibilities that will aid the development of their leadership acumen and clout.

They, equally, praised the choice of Mr Ogbulogo for the plum job, stressing that, apart from being a staunch APC stalwart who has immensely contributed to the development of the Party in Abia State, Ogbulogo possesses the character, learning and competence to deliver and make Abians proud in his new appointment.

Part of the statement reads:
“We want to express our profound gratitude to His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, for the appointment of one of us, Hon. Henry Ogbulogo, who is a founding member of COALITION OF SOUTH EAST YOUTHS FOR BUHARI into the Board of the Federal Character Commission as Abia Representative.

“This appointment not only proves that you, Mr. President, truly have a place for the youth of this country in your heart as you often states always, but also shows that you reward hard work and loyalty to your good self and our Great Party.”

The statement continues:
“For those who have forgotten, Hon. Henry Ogbulogo remains one of the first and most ardent believers of the Buhari cause when he formed and and financed a Pro- Buhari Group before he decided to collapse his group into COSYB in the heydays of the campaign for President in order to strengthen the group, which did so well during the APC campaign and election by 2019 around the whole South East.

“Equally, may we, also, thank Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah, OON, FCA, the Honourable Minister of State, Mines and Steel Development and erstwhile candidate of the APC for Abia Governorship in 2019, who we are reliably informed, availed us of his useful contacts and personality to make Hon. Ogbulogo’s candidature for the position sail through Presidential approval and adoption. We pray that Hon. Ogbulogo will use his new appointment to raise other youths like him”, the statement concludes.

In a related development, members of Coalition of Southeast Youths for Buhari ( COSYB) have also frowned at a news material, which was said to have emanated from the Abia State Chapter of the APC and purportedly signed by the State Publicity Secretary of the Party, Comrade Benedict Godson, disparaging the appointment of Hon. Ogbulogo, while alleging that the new appointee of Mr President is not known to the APC in Abia State.

In a telephone interview, the National Convener, added:

“While we choose to believe that Comrade Godson may have acted alone, with neither input nor directive from/by other members of the Party leadership in Abia, if, indeed, he had signed that statement, as we are led to believe, we, however, make haste to point out that Hon. Ogbulogo’s stead in APC is never in doubt and, in fact,has all the successes that go with serious involvement in Party matters, electioneering campaigns and financing of structures.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Hon. Ogbulogo was the Ward Agent for the APC in both Presidential and Gubernatorial elections in the 2019 electoral season. Just as would be expected of any such serious involvement, Hon. Ogbulogo won at both his Ward and Polling Unit for both President Buhari and Dr. Ogah in the two separate elections. If Comrade Godson, indeed, had the cheek to make the wild and spurious allegations that couched in that statement would he be confident to come and stand before Hon.Ogbulogo or any member of COSYB to point out the same scorecard of success in relation to the last election in his Ward and Polling Unit, where he lost out completely to the PDP.

“In any case, except if Comrade Godson wants the position for himself, we do not see why he would bother to use the name of the entire Party leadership in a State where he should be receiving directives to go on air on a serious issue such as we have at hand before doing so. If the Abia State Chapter of the APC decides to challenge the appointment of one of its own, will it be right for Comrade Godson to be the only one signing a document intended for such a serious matter? Again, with the benefit of hindsight, this is the kind of dangers that emanate from Parties when elected Party leaders live and work outside the State where they are leading. Comrade Godson lives in Abuja and it is obvious that people like him hardly know who is who in the Abia State APC. This is in spite of parading the position of State Publicity Secretary.”

The group also called on the general public and members of the APC in Abia to disregard the statement attributed to Comrade Godson, describing it as an attempt to clap with one palm, which, they say, has failed even before the act is tried.


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