I have been studying the activities of the Igbos in the past 5 years and I have come to realize that getting Biafra will not be the solution to the problems we are all facing.

In fact, from my own perspective, things may even become worst because if you look at ourselves, we are no better than the Hausas, as a matter of fact and with all sincerity I will say that a Hausa man is more sincere than an Igbo man or even a Yoruba man.
Okay, let us look at it this way, we have Fani Kayode who was a Minister of Aviation for years, what did he do for his people? Nothing tangible, are we going to mention Rotimi Amaechi or Orji Uzor Kalu?
These are the most recent leaders from the South that have had the opportunity to be in the corridors of power and still they did nothing to better the lives of the Southerners.
What tangible thing has Okorocha Rochas done to impact the lives of his people positively? The questions are endless, so you see the problem is not the Northerners but we are the problem.
Even if Biafra is realized, I am very sure that the amount of looting will quadruple. It is will be sorry state, there will be so much mismanagement of funds and money laundry.
If we even want to bring in religion then you will agree with me that Muslims are the most sincere sets of humans, matter of fact it is easier to trust a Muslim in a business transaction than to trust a Christian.

So you see, the problem is not them, we are the problem. We need to collectively change our mindset, we need to value sincerity and honesty.
We need to value our brothers and sisters, let us start from there first and you will see that there will be no need for Biafra.
There is so much money in the South that can comfortably take care of the people but the greedy politicians are not allowing it to flow and when they are thrown out after years of reckless living they will start raising a revolution against the north.
Our brother Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was the president of this country for years, what reasonable thing can you point out that he did for his people?

Nothing! Even in his home town, it is an eyesore.

So you see, Biafra is not the solution but we are the solution. Do not even go to the aspect of oil wells because they were sold by our very own brothers and even most of them are still owning oil wells.
We need to change our mentality and start loving ourselves first, if Biafra is realized, no other tribe will be allowed to be in power except the Igbos, I know what I am saying.
Take it or leave it, Nigeria will get better when we change ourselves first.
One Nigeria is the key, a better us is the solution.


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