A 17 year old virgin Salma Hassan of Itas Gadau Local Government Area of Bauchi State has killed her husband Mohammed Mustapha for trying to have se* with her after eight days of marriage.

Salma who looks worried about the incident, said, “I love my husband and he also love me, we are from same family but I never experienced se* before”.

Confirming the incident at a press briefing yesterday, Commissioner of Police Bauchi State Command Mr. CP Philips Maku said the suspect stabbed her husband on the chest as a result he sustained serious injury and was rushed to general hospital Itas Gadau for treatment where he was certified dead.

He said the suspect was arrested on 24/04/2020 and confessed to the crime, and exhibit recovered from her is just one knife.

According t Commissioner of Police Salama Hassan is 18 years old but Salma insisted she was 17 years

In her words Salma Hassan said “I regretted everything I have done to my husband I want the world to forgive and I want government to have mercy on me”.

Salma Hassan said it all started when my husband came to my to have sex with me and I rescued him because I was told that having sex is a bad thing so when I refused him and he try to force himself but there was no way, he slapped me and beat very well out of anger I graped a knife and chopped on the chest and there was no blood but he was later taken to the hospital and I was later told that he is dead.

I am not happy at all. I wish he was around.


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