A Nigerian lady, identified as oluwafunmilayo @funmikolz, took her twitter account to tell her how a woman went to report her husband to her pastor after a little misunderstanding.

The woman was hit by the surprise of her life as she entered the pastor’s house. She discovered that the pastor was seriously beating his wife and threatening to kill her. Owafunmilayo’s young woman dried her own tears and gradually returned home to work things out with her boyfriend.

@funmikolz twitted:

“This woman was in a war with her husband. She went to the pastor’s house to tell him about it. When she got there, she learned that the pastor and his wife were fighting. She kept thinking, “I’m going to kill you today.” She said that she just washed her tears and went back home.

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“She said, “Look at the pastor I want to tell you about my marital problems, he’s the one who beats his wife.” At that point, she knew she could only communicate directly to God, and she could not give hope to any man. She went back to her husband’s house to work out their disagreements.

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  1. She is married to a man worse than animals. And she found herself having a pastor worse than animals.
    Animals don’t beat their wives, that is why her husband and her pastor are worse than animals.
    Also, her pastor is a satanic pastor, he does not have the Holy Ghost. The spirit in the pastor and her husband is evil spirit.
    The scripture says that as many as are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God. Holy Spirit don’t lead men to beat their wives.


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