One of the flimsy reasons the Supreme Court Governor gave to repealing the pension law of former governors and former speakers was because of the cost of sustaining the payments which he pecked at ₦1.3B per annum.

According to the Supreme Court Governor, he said “that there could come a time when the state could be spending more than one third of its resources to maintain former Governors and Speakers”, because in his 15 years projection “This will mean that by then the state will have more than 20 governors and Speakers qualified for Pensions and Privileges”.

He continued; “I was alarmed that the financial implications for the state will not only be scandalous but indefensible.”

The Supreme Court Governor is alarmed that by 15 years time, the state could have had 20 former governors and former speakers which will cause it to spend more than one third of it resources to maintain.

What a nomadic economist!

What a bunch of kokobo economists!!

What a hound of Clueless goons whose ineptitude has never been so loudly and alarmingly pronounced.

The worse is, they even take pitiable delight in adorning their incompetence as a badge of honour in the most ridiculous and odious emasculation of nauseating ignorance.

How did they come up with this economics that the economy of a state that has had 20 former governors will be the same with the state that just had 5 former governors?

Are they grooming a state that will be perpetually stagnant in economic growth?

Does it mean that there will be stunted economic growth that in 15 years time; we will remain the same IMO of 2020?

So our state will perpetually remain stagnant economically till the next 15 years?

This celebrated public ignorance has gone a long way to expose the poverty of ideas to create wealth by the Uzodinma APC led regime. They are even terrified and alarmed by their own ineptitude.

Their demonstrated leadership failure cum ignorance and clueless exhibition in corporate governance has never been so publicly advertised before other than now.

This is like saying that since we cannot meet the financial obligations of workers and pensioners in the state – the state should scrap them to relieve it of the maintenance burden and some few gullible people will cheer.

If indeed that the Supreme Court Governor is interested in cutting down government expenditures; what did he, and the speaker do about their fat emoluments?

Because they were primarily on some chase of public legitimacy and premature clout and acceptance, and at the same time perpetrate fraud — which is cornering and diverting the said pensions of the former governors to unaccounted schemes as payment of workers salaries which cannot be accounted for of how it will be spent at the end of the day.

Some of our Imo people, less discerning enough, obviously in the minority though, because majority of Imolites are not gullible, have turned out to be like the stage clowns who bump their heads into the same heavy obstacles again and again simply because they are too stupid to remember what bit them only a short while ago.

These same group of people were the same mobs who got too excited with the promulgation by Gov. Rochas Okorocha, of not getting to take his statutory security votes as a governor; in fact, Okorocha announced to the bewildered mobs that he will not take salary as Imo State Governor, and they cheered!

Today, as they say, everything is history….

We have seen how Okorocha did not received salary as Imo State Governor and we have also seen how he did not receive his statutory security votes but at the end of the day, all of us have seen before our very before how Okorocha and family rounded up Imo state and sent the state into economic quarantine.

This man who did not receive one kobo as salary and security votes ended up acquiring almost all the choicest landed properties in Owerri – Okorocha and family raped Imo state to the point of economic strangulation.

These are common traits of fraudsters – they do impressionistic stuff that will deceive the little minds so as to buy their confidence and when they have it, they perpetrate the highest scam that could ever be done.

At this point in time, haven got a history of tricksters, I suppose, that we should have been more discerning to inducements to perpetrate frauds.

For the Supreme Court Governor; the Abrogation of the pension of ex governors were done for two primary reasons — one, as one who is desperately canvassing for public legitimacy and mass validation, he thought that it could evoke some emotive support for him by the gullible and those who are easily excited by impressionism and secondly, to perpetrate fraud.

Fraudsters have this uncanny nack for some evil genius that they think themselves of being smart.

In the coming weeks or months, we expect more impressionistic schemes to buy public legitimacy and acceptance but the Supreme Court Governor should be made known that Imo people are now wiser and can no longer be fooled by some political machinations to score cheap political points.

If indeed that they were truly concerned about the maintenance cost of the scheme, which I strongly believe it is not, they should have been talking of reviewing the scheme to meet up with the present economic realities and not outright abrogation.

Some of these former governors and former Speakers served the state with integrity that they did not soil their hands with primitive accumulation of wealth.

I know of a two former governors — Dee Sam Mbakwe and Dr. Ikedi Ohakim, of this state that never built a single house after serving their state. Even up to the village, it was recently, I think, that a house was erected for Dee Sam Mbakwe at his Obowo country home. Same with some of their deputies and that of the Speakers and their Deputies.

For somebody to have stopped his or her business for 4 or 8 years as the case may be without any thing to fall back on after leaving office will be the breeding ground for looting of public resources and corruption of unimaginable proportion because they know that the state has nothing for them after leaving office and so? They will have to loot the state treasury to secure their days after office.

Governance is about using creativity to solving challenges as they may arise and not the fire brigade approach: you don’t cut down the head of a man to stop it from having a headache rather you deploy your creativity to create drugs that will relief him of the headache.

This Supreme Court Governor’s approach is therefore unenlightened, stoic, prehistoric, unrefined, unintelligent, having no basis in economics, an avenue to perpetrate grand fraud and a classic demonstration of paucity of creativity and poverty of ideas in driving governance in a 21st century.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu is the Director General of IMO PDP NEW MEDIA, he wrote from Owerri.


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