Thoroughly Embarrassed On Prof. Iwu’s Indefensible Tales.

— Calls For Immediate Disbandment Of Imo Covid-19 Task Force Committee.

— Charges Imolites To Be Vigilant.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Imo State, says they have been vindicated by Prof. Maurice Iwu’s abysmal outing in handling the covid-19 pandemic in the state and calls for immediate disbandment of the Imo Covid-19 Task Force Committee for failing the expectations of Imo people, more so, as its continued existence will continue to give our people a false sense of security when they are actually busy doing nothing.

Today, May 27, is exactly one month we called on the renowned Professor of Pharmacognosy, Prof. Maurice Iwu to honorably resign to save himself from the impending catastrophe on his hard earned reputation when we found out that the Supreme Court Governor was out to rubbish him and use his eminence to curry public legitimacy and his recent abysmal performance due to unfriendly working environment has vindicated our earlier calls.

Condemnation from all over the world has continued to trail the recent national embarrassment caused to our dear state by Prof. Iwu wherein he shamelessly lied to the whole world on a national television in a barefaced and incoherent tales of moonlit of the recent 26 cases of covid-19 in the state in a poorly written script.

We are shocked and bamboozled on the recent conduct of the Prof. Maurice Iwu led Covid-19 Task Force Committee in tackling the pandemic in the state and fears for serious dangers if nothing is done.

The PDP, Imo State, notes with dismay, a situation whereby a covid-19 task force team could not afford to fuel their vehicle for contact tracing and alarmed that it is a recipe for public heath catastrophe.

The PDP, Imo State, is thoroughly embarrassed at the show of shame the Uzodinma APC led regime has brought to Imo people and the public ridicule they have subjected highly respected citizens of our dear state into due the alarming level of incompetence associated with the Supreme Court government in the state and as manifested in all facets of their regime including the adhoc task force Committee on covid-19.

The PDP, Imo State, counsels the Supreme Court Governor to show commitment to the course of Imolites and the public health of our people by disbanding the current Imo Covid-19 Task Force Committee with the view of rejigging the committee for more productivity in protecting the life of our people in this perilous time of public health emergency.

Our party therefore call on all Imolites for vigilance and to take seriously the protection of their health by adhering to all the recommended guidelines and health protocols on covid-19 as it has become evidently clear that the current state government under the leadership of Senator Hope Uzodimma and the APC are incapable of protecting anybody.

The PDP, Imo State, continues to sympathise with Imo people for the spate of poor and irresponsible governance that is characterised with the current APC regime while urging them to remain steadfast with the PDP for quality governance as their salvation from the incompetence of present regime may be sooner than they anticipated.

Ambrose Nwaogwugwu,
May 27, 2020.


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