The white garment Churches in this content include ; Celestial, C&S and Church of the Lord Aladura.
1. Spirituality : Spirituality in this aspect is that a white garment church lady can be in the room with his boyfriend and the TV or Radio starts playing any soulful song, the lady can start speaking in tongues and go to the seventh heaven.

Their spirituality doesn’t really depict that they are holier than thou’ but they can see visions and prophesy at any time. All they need is a soulful song and they are set to go.
2. Fear : I mean, you don’t ever want to mess with someone who sees prophesy and visions, what if she sees a good prophesy about your future and eventually you break up with her, you will even be scared to do that. Why? Arguably, people believe white garment churches members to be diabolical, while this is not true, so many people believed it, so you will want to avoid anything that will truncate your glorious destiny.

3. Doctrine : As much as white garment churches believe in candles, perfumes, soap and water to wash off evil or any infirmity, so many other Churches with different doctrines in the same body of Christ do not believe in this. As a Redeemed Christian Church member, you will be scared to see your wife lighting blue and red candles all over the house to ward off evil.
4. Speaking in Tongues : You will agree with me that the white garment church kind of speaking in tongues is different from the conventional way. Theirs is likened to Arabic and people sometimes say their doctrine and Islam is similar.

The last but not the least is the church, which church will your wife or husband who is a white garment church member be going to when you marry. That’s a big decision
However, we should know that marrying from white garment church is not a bad thing. So far we all call on the name of Christ. Christians marry Muslims and their home and love is doing well. Don’t let anyone force you not to marry from Celestial, C&S or any other white garment ladies if you like any of them. Loves surpasses all!


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