Buhari definitely won’t be a happy man as Abdullahi drags his administration through the mud.Five years ago, President Muhammadu Buhari was voted in as President following a tumultuous reign of ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, whom the APC and foreign powers described as ‘the worst thing to have ever happened to Nigeria’ since 1999.

However, the one whom many had thought is the messiah and who has the magic wand to turn the fortunes of the country around, has since lost popularity even from those who stood by him through thick and thin.Mahi Tijani who is among millions of Buhari’s base in the North, has recently said the president has betrayed their trust and love for him, by pursuing policies without the poor who voted him, in mind.

He said, “Mr President we loved you and voted you in with our tears and blood. Sincerely speaking, we the masses are not happy with the way things are working in this country.

“We thought you were the Messiah or the savior, but it seems like we were wrong. Our dream is to have a better life and nothing else, but life is getting harder day by day under your regime.”


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