During the presidential address by MAZI NNAMDI KANU yesterday at about 9:25 pm BIAFRA time, he wished pa Edwin clerk a happy birthday and also raise the letter written by pa Edwin clerk to the NIGERIA president.

In that letter, Edwin clerk reminded the president that he has served NIGERIA for 70 years.

This enraged MAZI NNAMDI KANU and he wondered why Pa Edwin clerk will be begging a 30 years old boy for position even after SERVING NIGERIA for 70 years.

” Have you seen the consequences of being a traitor. Pa EDWIN CLERK was an evil man. Because of common minister of communication, he sold his own people and will still tell you he is an elder.

Just 6 years of FULANI in power, they have allocated on the money to their region. Almost all in KATSINA state even when buhari is dead!

You spent 70 good years to serve an entity created by a white man yet not even a single running water in your village. Your People are still going to fetch drinking water from the stream where FULANI HERDSMEN do allow their cows to urinate and shit inside.

You are evil pa Edwin clerk. This is why you so called elders must stop sabotaging your People. NNIA Nwodo and his family did it but I assure him that he will never have any meeting in Igbo land again.


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