David Umahi, governor of Ebonyi, has ordered that all courts in the state be shut down immediately.

Speaking during a broadcast on Friday, the governor said the courts will be closed for 10 days for fumigation.

The governor also announced the first COVID-19 death in the state, and he asked all judicial officers and their families to undergo COVID-19 tests.

“It is unfortunate that we have recorded one death due to this COVID-19 and it makes me so sad,” Umahi said.

“I am directing that in line with the COVID-19 law, all the courts in Ebonyi state be shut down for the next 10 days. The judiciary, state high court, industrial court, federal high court, magistrate court should all be shut down.

“Also, I advise all the judiciary officers and their families to undergo COVID-19 tests. I have ordered that all the judiciary buildings and premises should be immediately fumigated within the 10 days.

“We are not contemplating closing markets and churches but we advise them to please take this matter serious. If you are working ensure that you sanitise yourself every 10 minutes.

“This is very serious. We have a spike because we have a high testing. People may have the COVID-19 but won’t show any symptoms but will go about spreading it.

“Some people with the virus will argue that they are not showing any symptoms. Yes, your immune system is fighting it but the next person that may be weaker than you is at danger and our job is to protect everybody in Ebonyi.”

In June, Umahi ordered the closure of all government offices for fumigation after some members of the state executive council contracted the disease.

Ebonyi has recorded a total number of 234 confirmed cases of COVID-19 so far.


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