The Christians, Muslims, Hindus, traditionalists and pegans are all part of the Biafran movement.

Respect Everyone’s religion and the freedom of worship. Dictating where to worship and how to worship to anyone is a crime to humanity. Respect human rights and freedom of worship.

If the Biafran movement becomes subjected to religious discuss and religious discrimination then you have lost it.

Malcolm X was a Muslim and Martin Luther King was a Christian. These two contributed greatly to the world freedom of humanity. Fought against racism and injustice without questioning others religion or style worship.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu stay focused. Focus on the struggle for restoration of Biafra and the injustice going on in Nigeria, leave religion and places of worship out of the struggle and also caution some of your followers who goes about causing nuisance on social media and also destroying the hope people have in the Biafran Restoration.

Recently the Biafran movement is causing more enemies than friends, because some of Nnamdi Kanu’s follower do not support any opposition or any opinion that is different from that of Nnamdi Kanu’s. I have said it before and I will say it again. If Biafra will be a Nation full on dictators, then count me out. No one wants to go back to the olds. You have right to question everything and you have right to air your opinion. Also have in mind that Opinion is different from Condemnation, threats, insults, and abuses.

I’m a believer in the Biafran Restoration but I do not support any form of abuse on those that do not believe in my religion or style of worship.

📝Nnamdi Kanu stop insulting blacks and Africans, you are glorifying racism and slavery. You uphold white supremacism by belittling the ideas and the strength of black Africans. Don’t compare Africans to the white man. That part of your broadcast is the worst and you should learn to stop using those words.

Do not condemn anyone who choose to worship in the way they believe is right. Catholics, Anglican, Pentecostal, Methodists and Sabbaths are all Christians. All religious organisations has the goods and the bads. I repeat do not condemn anyone because they worship differently.


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