“What is surprising me!! Look at videos from the terrorists in circulation. They are releasing videos upon videos, they go into bushes in their hundreds, some on foot some on bike some on trucks while others are on gun-trucks. What is the use of Air Force Intelligence?? Where is the intelligence?? How many days will it take to put an end to this madness?? What is the use of the money we are spending on Air Force??. How many millions we bought aircraft?? How many millions used in signing agreement with America???

“If there is no synergy between the Air Force and the Nigeria army this war can never be won and the terrorists will no longer hide in bushes, they will even come to Abuja gradually. There was a time when Army base is just 3 kilometers away from Boko Haram camp the army will not fight them unless Boko Haram carryout attack before they repel but if they don’t attack they leave them”.

“Tactically if you look at this issue, there is sabotage and there is a breach of security within the security because there was a time when the Boko Haram attacked army catering away millions of naira meant for soldiers allowance with trucks of the army… Who informed them that army are coming on so….so road with the money??? Maybe there is Boko Haram inside the army and the Air Force… I’m telling you!! That is why every Blesseth time the government intend or planned to do something before they do it, they will be informed”.


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